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Flea Med Dosage Charts
Please Ask your vet for the correct dosing and medications for YOUR animal. This list is just a reference guide and is not intended to avoid veterinary guidance or advice.

Advantage (Imidacloprid), for both cats and dogs:
 Dog Product Insert   http://bayer.naccvp.com/index.php?username=country&password=msds&prodnum=1040001&id=1040001&m=product_view_basic
 Cat Product Insert   http://bayer.naccvp.com/index.php?username=country&password=msds&prodnum=1040002&id=1040002&m=product_view_basic

Dose is 0.05ml/pound. Multiply 0.05 times your petís weight for the dose

     (as per package dosing)                     (Used in lower doses (0.04) with same effect)
Cats up to 9 pounds - 0.4ml                           0.4ml =   10#           0.6ml =   15#
Cats 10+ pounds -      0.8ml                           0.8ml =   20#           1.0ml =   25#
Dogs 11-20 pounds -  1.0ml                           1.2ml =   30#           1.6ml =   40#
Dogs 21-55 pounds -  2.5ml                           2.0ml =   50#           2.4ml =   60#
Dogs 55+ pounds -     4.0ml                           2.8ml =   70#           3.2ml =   80#
                                                                                   4.0ml =  100#

Frontline Plus (Fipronil & (s)-methoprene),  use the following guidelines:
Dog Product Info  http://www.drugs.com/vet/frontline-plus-for-dogs-puppies.html
Cat Product Info  http://www.drugs.com/vet/frontline-plus-for-cats-kittens.html 

The dose is 0.0305ml/pound. Multiply 0.0305 times your petís weight for dose

   (package instructions)                (can be used in lower doses with same effect)
Cats     1-10 pounds -  0.5ml               0.3ml for  10lbs        0.45 for   15lbs
Dogs  11-22 pounds - 0.67ml              0.6ml for  20lbs        0.75 for   25lbs
Dogs  23-44 pounds - 1.34ml              0.9ml for  30lbs        1.5   for  50 lbs
Dogs  45-88 pounds - 2.68ml              1.8ml for  60lbs        2.68 for   88lbs
Dogs  89-132 pounds - 4.0ml              2.7ml for  90lbs        4.0   for 133lbs

*If you're using Frontline Plus:
The amount of fipronil in the dog version is the same as in the cat version. The "Plus" is methoprene, an insect growth regulator. There's LESS of it in the dog product than in the cat product, so it's safe to use the dog product on the cats but do NOT use the cat product on a small dog.

Revolution: (selamectin)

Product Insert    http://www.pfizerfrank.com/PDF/PfizerFrank/revolution_en_co_ois.pdf

Dose is 0.025ml/pound. Multiply 0.025 times your petís weight for dose

(Package instructions)                            (based on 120mg per 1ml)
Up to 5lb cat/dog 60mg/ml = 0.25ml         0.0-5lb dog/ cat =  0.12 ml
5.1-15lb cat         60mg/ml = 0.75ml         5.1-10lb dog/cat = 0.25 ml
5.1-10lb dog      120mg/ml = 0.25ml       10.1-20lb dog/cat = 0.5 ml
10.1-20lb           120mg/ml = 0.5 ml        20.1-40b dog       = 1.0 ml
20.1-40lb          120mg/ml = 1.0 ml        40.1-85lb dog       = 2.0 ml
40.1-85lb          120mg/ml = 2.0 ml        85.1-130lb dog     = 3.0 ml
85.1-130           120mg/ml = 3.0 ml

Advantage Multi:   
*Dose is 0.045ml/pound. Multiply 0.045 times your dogís weight for dose
The recommended minimum dose is 4.5 mg/lb (10.0 mg/kg) imidacloprid and 0.45 mg/lb (1.0 mg/kg) moxidectin, once a month, by topical administration

Product Insert For Dogs  http://www.bayerdvm.com/Resources/Docs/AdvMulti_Dog_041610.pdf

 Dogs          ML          Imidacloprid     Moxidectin
3-9 lb        0.4ml                40                   10        Advantage Multi 9
9.1-20 lb   1.0ml              100                   25        Advantage Multi 20
20.1-55lb  2.5ml              250                  62.5      Advantage Multi 55
55.1-88lb  4.0ml              400                 100        Advantage Multi 88
~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
*Dose is 0.045ml/lb. Multiply 0.045 times your catís weight for dose
The recommended minimum dose is 4.5 mg/lb (10.0 mg/kg) imidacloprid and 0.45 mg/lb (1.0 mg/kg) moxidectin, once a month, by topical administration.

 Product Insert For Cats  http://www.bayerdvm.com/Resources/Docs/Advantage-Multi-Cat-Label.pdf

Cats          ML            Imidacloprid    Moxidectin
2-5lb       0.23ml                23                  2.3         Advantage Multi 5
5.1-9lb    0.4ml                  40                  4            Advantage Multi 9
9.1-18lb  0.8ml                  80                  8           Advantage Multi 18

*dosage is approximate my math calculations came out to be 0.05ml/lb, but there is a discrepancy with packaged dosages. Also there is more Moxidectin in the dog formula than in the cat formula, so I would not put dog product on cats*


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